Boho Baby Shower

I’m not feeling incredibly wordy tonight.  This gorgeous Boho Baby shower we threw has been sitting as a draft on my computer  for WAY too long.  It was in honor of  Milk Glass Vintage Rentals, PJ and her Little Lady.  So I’ll just get the ball rolling and let the photos speak for themselves.

Design | Jennifer Bishop Design
Photography | Jennifer Skog
Rentals | Milk Glass Vintage Rentals
Ferns | The Petal Company Cacti and Floral | Nicole Ha
Dream Catchers and Favor Bags | Jennifer Skog and Lindsay Skog
Venue | Prim Boutique

Jennifer Bishop Design:: Boho Baby Shower Lounge Seating Milk Glass Vintage Rentals

Jennifer Bishop Design:: Boho Baby Shower,  Lounge with Rentals Milk Glass Vintage Rentals

Jennifer Bishop Design:: Boho Baby Shower, Barn Wood Dining Table

Jennifer Bishop Design:: Boho Baby Shower Tablescape with Teepee Food Buffet

Jennifer Bishop Design:: Boho Baby Shower Tablescape with Ferns and Cactus

Jennifer Bishop Design:: Boho Baby Shower Food Buffet Styling

Jennifer Bishop Design-Boho Baby Shower Green and Purple Vintage Glassware

Jennifer Bishop Design-Boho Baby Shower Beverage Table Styling

Jennifer Bishop Design:: Boho Baby Shower, Golden Arrow Stamped Favor Bags

Jennifer Bishop Design-Boho Baby Shower Dreamcatchers, Jennifer Skog, Pj Rude, PMA, Modern FramesAnd here I am…the same size as the Mama in honor, yet I had my baby MONTHS after her! =)

Meet Elise

My Facebook and Instagram followers probably know this but for my blog only followers…I had a baby!  And shame on me, but I don’t think I ever mentioned even being pregnant on my blog.  Boy those 9 month really flew by =)  So here she is…my little Sweetie Pie, Elise.  Love her to pieces. I just want to eat her up all…the…time!

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The Social Media sites get updated much more frequently. There, you can view our current work, jobsite visits, product recs, and adorable children.  Now on to them. Birth Announcement-Elise922w

My labor this time was SO different from my first that I hardly knew I was in labor.  My first, I had back labor and it was so painful, so fast.  This time, I felt some mild pains during the day but nothing changed much as the day progressed.  Called L&D and they told me just relax, take a bath.  Didn’t sound like anything alarming.  Well this put my husband in jeopardy of missing the birth of his precious baby girl!  Call it denial, stubbornness, whatever but I swore up and down the whole day I was not in labor.  I assured him as I said goodbye to him at the door when he was leaving for work, I was not in labor.  About 30 minutes after he leaves and I get out of the bath. I text him. “I think I’m in labor!”  Started timing the contractions and they were three minutes apart..yikes.  My Mom had already been on her way to stay with me just in case and the second I opened the door, hunched over I said “let’s go!”  I called labor and delivery while my Mom was driving us there and they told me they had no room for me and I had to go to another hospital 45 minutes away putting my husband even farther from me!  I was crying at them and told them “NO WAY” could I make it there and the situation with my husband being in the city.  They called one more hospital and they too, were full, so they told me to come there.  By the time I got there I could barely walk.  They took me straight to a room that had opened up.  The hubs had clocked in for 5 minutes, got my text that it WAS time and he clocked right back out.  He got there in time and we had our baby!

   {Photos by Jennifer Skog  and Jennifer Bishop}Jennifer Bishop Design-Elise Born 4

The next day, I had my Mom bring The Bean to meet her baby sister.  It was truly one of the best moments of my life seeing her meet “her baby.”

Jennifer Bishop Design-Elise Born 2

We bought our girls some Big Sis and Lil Sis necklaces so they’d have something special to remember the first day they met.

Jennifer Bishop Design-Elise Born 1

I can’t wait to see the memories these two make together.

Jennifer Bishop Design-Elise Born 3

Design Dazzle Feature-Yellow & Black Nursery

A BIG thanks to Toni of Design Dazzle for featuring our Yellow & Black Nursery Design!  You can check out the full post {HERE}

Design Dazzle has decorating and party design ideas for babies, kids and teens…check it out!


Little Bit Magazine Feature

I am so very excited to have not one but two designs included in Issue 4 of Little Bit Magazine.  Little Bit is a quarterly digital magazine filled with all things related to children’s design.  I read a lot of online magazines and this one is truly great!  Simple layouts, amazing photography and such inspirational ideas from all of the contributors.  It was extra exciting for me that Jennifer Skog was right there with me on the contributor’s page.  Anytime I can share in some success with my BFF it makes it all the better!  A big thanks to Aisha from Little Bit for including our work in this issue.

You can read it here {LITTLE BIT MAGAZINE :: Issue 4}

Sydney’s Yellow and Black Nursery on pages 46-50 & my Winnie the Pooh Shower design on pages 72-75.


A Bold Stripe For a Bold Girl

It’s totally different designing a nursery than a children’s room.  When you design for an unborn child, you design more for the parents.  When you design for a child, you get to take their personalities and interests in mind.  My BOLD-LIL-BEAN loves flowers and blue…well at least the week I started working on her big girl room.  So when I found the Marimekko fabric to wrap an existing canvas painting I no longer liked, I knew it was perfect to update her space.  Besides the fun floral, I love the wide stripes on it and knew it was a perfect way to incorporate elsewhere like her drapes.  I ordered a few different swatches of black and white stripes.  The striped pattern actually runs vertically off the bolt but I really wanted to run hers horizontal instead.

After hanging three options of wide stripes up, ultimately, I decided to go with the widest for the biggest impact. Sydney agreed although she was busy wearing her life vest and reading her potty training book so I’m not really sure if she put her all into that decision.  Oh to be young! The pattern is a 3″ stripe called — Vertical from Premier Prints.  I love it and can’t wait to get it ordered and sew in some blackout lining.  I’m praying that a darker room that my kids may be tricked into taking some naps again!!!  A Mother can dream at least…

The other two patterns can be found {HERE} & {HERE} at Warehouse Fabrics online.

Sophisticated Silhouette Baby Shower

A friend of mine, Shannon, (Mother of 2 and overwhelmed with baby shower details) hired me last minute to put together this baby shower for her girlfriend.  She had some plans in the works but ended up needing help pulling together the shower she had envisioned.  She hoped for yellow and grey with a modern setting and pretty flowers.  With no particular theme, I decided to use a silhouette of a baby girl so that I had something to pull through the entire party as well as infuse a little “baby” into this sophisticated-modern shower.

Rather than using a solid color for the baby silhouette, I merged the shape with a grey and white diagonal pattern.  I love that it was also repeated in the table runner fabric.  I finished her off with a flower and rhinestone headpiece and she was ready to party!  Guests found this with their names at each place setting.

Fabric — Waverly: Square Root Sterling

Flowers were the next order of business.  When you don’t have a huge floral budget, I always suggest using smaller groupings of flowers.  By making a variety of smaller arrangements, you are able to spread them out on the table, making for a fuller look.  Plus, smaller vases need less flowers to fill them up.


I used a different fabric for the table cloth on the favor/sign in table.  The diagonal stripe was repeated on that print as well.  Atop sat the favors– baby feet shaped cookie cutters dressed up with a tag displaying the guest of honors due date.  Before heading to their dining table, guests left their sentiments for the Mommy on strips of paper that were folded up and left in the cardboard honeycomb.

Fabric–Amy Butler: Midwest Modern Optic Blossom Linen


The whole shebang took place at Scott’s in Walnut Creek.  Their outdoor terrace was such a beautiful venue and it’s amber colored ceiling cast such a warm glow for the shower.

On To Baby Feature: #1 Real Birthday Party!

Today I received an email from my friend– subject line saying “Did you see?”  Ohhhhhhh…my curiosity was peaked!  Inside it read “You’re party is listed as #1 on the On To Baby top 5 parties today.”  Wow I was just not expecting that!  I followed the {LINK} and there it was, Miss Sydney enjoying her ice cube tray lunch at her 2nd Birthday Party.  I’m so very excited that this party was listed in the top 5 as the “most viewed Real Parties”!  Thank you OTB and Happy 1 year Anniversary to them.  The On To Baby blog is such a fantastic site bursting with beautiful images and information for all things baby and kids.  They’ve been kind enough to feature Sydney’s Russian Doll party as well as my Winnie the Pooh baby shower. If you are on the hunt for great inspiration images you should definitely check it out.


Tiny Totem Children’s Room

Back in October I showed you the {Design Boards} for this room and I am so excited to finally share the end results!  You may remember my {gender neutral} nursery known best for its kelly green walls?  Well, this is the big girl room for the same home.  Actually, Little Miss G will be moving out from the green and modern forest into the new woodsy themed room complete with teepee and totem pole to share with her big sister. The third daughter for this family arrived just before Christmas and we completed the install and {photography} for this room in just the nick of time!

Images: Photo Designs by Odessa

I really wanted to carry a bit of the forest theme into this room but in a different way and in a more girly color scheme.  So why don’t we talk about the” starting point”…something I speak about all of the time on this blog.  Every room needs a starting point…something to work off of.  In this room, this small scaled zig zag fabric print in shades of amethyst, olive, black and plum was it. Sometimes I find an item for a room and it just speaks to me, and that zig zag was telling me “buy me…design away with me!”.  And that I did.  My next must have for this room was the teepee. Every kid needs a special little hideaway in which to read, play hide and seek…make memories in!  To make the teepee extra cush I added a mini fur rug as well as had custom pillows made.  A medallion pattern paired perfectly with the zig zag print that I trimmed with a black faux leather fringe.

Yellow star lanterns and a whimsical wall clock placed over the teepee were my way of insinuating sleeping under the moon and the stars.


My clients wanted the room to be able to sleep three girls if down the road they all ever wanted to bunk together.  We chose these twin beds that can also be stacked into bunk beds.  That would allow us to place an additional bed in ones place.  There is also a trundle under the left bed for sleepovers.

I wanted to have glimpses that catered to each girl so I had custom knit pillows made with each girls initial to sit on their own beds.

Over each bed also hung a bird cage with clothes pins to hang photos and mementos.  Since the girls are younger, we just clipped family photos up for now.  As they get older, and each of them gain their own preferences towards things, they can each customize their own to suit themselves.  In addition to the birdcages, I took inexpensive cork boards and re-covered them with a black and white tree-grain pattern from IKEA.  I also crafted each girl a yarn wrapped initial to add what {Brad Goreski calls a “POC” as in “Pop of Color”} Couldn’t agree more Brad!


I used some leftover fabric to wrap the clients existing lamp and styled the children’s toys and books at their level for easy play and clean up.


Now here is where the totem part comes in.  Back in July I gave some tips for {hanging your artwork} and one of the examples was the “totem hang”.  I thought it would be a fun way to hang artwork for their room which was a collection of some of the children’s art, their Daddy’s art when he was younger and a couple new purchases.

Whenever possible, I always try to include my clients personal mementos into their designs. It allows the space to become more personal and homey and makes it so a room doesn’t end up just being a bunch of meaningless stuff. The father of these girls made this spectacular string art as a child.  I was so excited when I saw it and realized it was just perfect and special for this room. I had it matted and framed to accentuate the medallion.  It really just creates the perfect mood as you enter the room.

The custom built chalkboard was made with reclaimed barn wood and hung at toddler height for easy access.  The pay telephone was added for imaginary play.  Although we did not hook it up, it is an actual working phone. And PLEASE note…the cord is not left in the room at this point when there is no adult supervision.  So no emails are necessary telling me I’ve left a hazard in their room…we’ve already covered that =)

And no children’s woodsy room would be complete without a deer-head all dolled up with feathered eyelashes and felted necklace!


I cannot wait to see these girls grow up making great memories in this room.  Although I love designing nurseries, a room for a child that is old enough to express excitement for their new space just takes the cake.  Even at a young age they already have their own tastes and dis-pleasures which really translates into–working with toddlers could be your best…or possibly worst client!  I’ll take my chances =)

A BIG thanks to Odessa of {Photo Designs by Odessa} I usually shoot my rooms by myself but decided it’s time to leave that up to the professionals.

Let’s Start Fresh

Some know my story…some don’t. I’ll give those that don’t a re-cap.  2 1/2 years ago we had our beautiful baby girl Sydney.  You know how they say you’re never ready to be a parent…couldn’t be more true.  This little ball of fire entered our lives full force.  We loved her from the minute we saw her but she cried…cried a lot!  Turns out she had colic and continued to for the first 5 months of her life.  At the same time, the economy was  in the gutter and Brad, a bartender, kept having every place he worked close down on him.  Prior to knowing how upside down our lives would become, we decided that I would stay at work and he would watch Sydney during the day and still tend bar on the weekends.  Only weeks after we started down this new schedule, we knew it was not going to work.  The screaming all day was excruciating for him so we made the decision that Sydney needed her Mommy as much as possible.  No more working at the Showroom during the week for me.  Our finances took a hit and we then decided that it would be best for everyone to move in with my Mom.  It gave me the ability to stay home with her until she got a little older and we’d have the help from my Mom.  During that time I really worked my butt off trying to build my own business.  Late nights…whatever it took.  I wanted the best of both worlds. To be able to work in the design world as well as be with my daughter as much as possible.   This became grueling. But somehow, I managed to get The Bean to her toddler years while taking on bigger and more challenging design and event projects.  Brad and I  were also working hard to be able to get us back in our own place and that….we have now done!  After being on the waiting list for a brand new apartment our number came up.  We just moved a week ago, are living in a mountain of boxes, but are loving that we are finally our very own family again.  Something we hadn’t had since our daughter was 3 months old.  An apartment isn’t exactly where we thought we would be at this point but it’s a stepping stone and we are fine with it.


{Birth photography by Jennifer Skog}

The next big change is that Sydney just started Pre-School, the last puzzle piece to getting things back on track for us.  Juggling a business and staying home with a toddler is CRAZINESS!  I was counting the days until she could start school so that I would have a little relief.  We were on the waiting list for school too…guessing that her number wouldn’t come up until June and then…a week before we moved we got the call that she could start!  Hallelujah Momma was relieved.  Not only for myself but for her, who I knew was more than ready at this point to venture out from under her Mother’s wing.

Here she is on her first day…such a big girl I can’t believe it!  She ran off as soon as we walked in the door and Brad and I had to drag her back to get some goodbye kisses!  She could care less if we were there or not…our independent child.

And here she is after school…deliriously tired since it was a big day for her.  Messy little pigtails…I  LOVE her!


And not just a moment later full blown meltdown.  Nap time!

So why is all this taking place on my business blog and not The Bean Blog?  Well for one, I’m learning that I just can’t do it all.  Although it was a huge part of my life for so long and I enjoyed writing it so much, I have to let it go. It’s hard enough to keep up writing one blog let alone two.  I promise to keep the primary direction of this blog design…but I still might add some posts here and there of Miss Beans…hope you don’t mind =)

So let’s splash a little design into this post.  With all of these changes I decided why not change her room?  We lived in our old house for such a short time before we moved in with my Mom that she never actually slept or played in her old room!  My workroom had so generously gifted me custom drapery panels as a gift for her original nursery.  Well I just went to hang them up here and they were WAY too short.  The windows are very tall here and the old panels weren’t going to cut it.  Rather than try to add on to those panels I said “screw it let’s start fresh!”

I still wanted to use the artwork and I also had tons of black and white items I wanted to keep.  I was on the hunt for a fabric that I could wrap around an old canvas I had.  I found this print by Mirimekko and I fell in love.  Bold, colorful and modern…oh and would go with my black stuff!  It’s on it’s way and I can’t wait until it gets here. I’m thinking of pulling the black and white, wide stripes out of this and using that pattern on drapes.  I’ll post a progress photo when it’s up!  I’m really happy with all of these new changes in our lives.  Where some people hate change…I thrive on it!




Featured | On To Baby

I’m so very excited to have back to back features up the On To Baby website.  Both my Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower and Sydney’s Matryoshka Doll Birthday Party have been posted the last two weeks!


On To Baby | Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower


On To Baby | Matryoshka Doll Birthday Party

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