Boho Baby Shower

I’m not feeling incredibly wordy tonight.  This gorgeous Boho Baby shower we threw has been sitting as a draft on my computer  for WAY too long.  It was in honor of  Milk Glass Vintage Rentals, PJ and her Little Lady.  So I’ll just get the ball rolling and let the photos speak for themselves.

Design | Jennifer Bishop Design
Photography | Jennifer Skog
Rentals | Milk Glass Vintage Rentals
Ferns | The Petal Company Cacti and Floral | Nicole Ha
Dream Catchers and Favor Bags | Jennifer Skog and Lindsay Skog
Venue | Prim Boutique

Jennifer Bishop Design:: Boho Baby Shower Lounge Seating Milk Glass Vintage Rentals

Jennifer Bishop Design:: Boho Baby Shower,  Lounge with Rentals Milk Glass Vintage Rentals

Jennifer Bishop Design:: Boho Baby Shower, Barn Wood Dining Table

Jennifer Bishop Design:: Boho Baby Shower Tablescape with Teepee Food Buffet

Jennifer Bishop Design:: Boho Baby Shower Tablescape with Ferns and Cactus

Jennifer Bishop Design:: Boho Baby Shower Food Buffet Styling

Jennifer Bishop Design-Boho Baby Shower Green and Purple Vintage Glassware

Jennifer Bishop Design-Boho Baby Shower Beverage Table Styling

Jennifer Bishop Design:: Boho Baby Shower, Golden Arrow Stamped Favor Bags

Jennifer Bishop Design-Boho Baby Shower Dreamcatchers, Jennifer Skog, Pj Rude, PMA, Modern FramesAnd here I am…the same size as the Mama in honor, yet I had my baby MONTHS after her! =)

Today’s Bride Magazine Feature-Raw Elegance Design

I set goals for myself career wise.  Last year, my goal was to get my work publicized in a printed magazine.  And today, I am very excited to share that I’ve achieved my goal! Today’s Bride magazine has featured my Raw Elegance Design on pages 128-131 of their current issue.  I’m over the moon about this.  Especially that I got to share this experience with some of my best friends and so many amazing vendors.  You can read about all of the design details and see many more inspirational photos by Jennifer Skog {HERE}

I thought it would be fun to share some behind the scene shots on the day of our shoot. There is so much work and preparation that goes in prior to these shoots.  It’s such a relief and so great to have the whole team together on the day of to see everyone’s talents all pulled together.

The Berkeley Faculty Club was our shoot location.

Jennifer Skog getting down and dirty capturing details of our Bride.  You can see the outcome of this shot {HERE}.   Lindsay Skog of PMA getting our gorgeous bride ready.

PJ of Milk Glass Vintage Rentals setting our main table-scape.  Nicole of Nicole Ha Designs designing our AMAZING…yes amazing floral arrangements.   And last but not least…lil ole me =)

A Christmas Party-Toddler Style

I’m sorry if you were all ready to move on to Valentine’s day…but I still have some Christmas and Winter Blogging to do so please bare with me!

Every year I host a Christmas party.  It started out as a cookie exchange many years back with some of my close friends from High School.  We started tiring of the cookie party…mainly because most of our cookies sucked!  So we decided to ditch the stressful late night baking and just get together for a Christmas gathering.  Over the years, we’ve grown and mainly in the kids department.  I wanted to set them up a special little place of their own and give them activities to keep them occupied.  Add 7 toddlers to the mix and well, that’s a party!  I truly wish I had taken an “after” shot of this tablescape.  It looked as if the Bumpuses hounds paid a visit to our party.

I scoured Pinterest for some fun ideas and I’ll share with you how I incorporated 5 different ideas I found on Pinterest plus one of my own to make this fun party.

REINDEER PB&Js::  I found this idea from the And Everything Sweet Blog.  Quick easy and was a fun main course for the kiddos.

CHEVRON BOWS::  Besides the fact that these chevron paper bows are adorable, they are offered as a free printable on the Ellinee Blog! Instead of using the included gift tag, I printed out a small photo of each child and attached with a small clothespin as their placecard.  This is the second time I used a printable from Ellinee.  I recently used their printable Holiday Petal Card for this years Teacher’s Gift.

SNOWMAN CUPS::  This was the cutest idea originally from the Blue Cricket Design Blog.  She used them to carry treats to her kids school, I added a straw for toddler drinks.

FELT CHRISTMAS TREE DECORATING:: From the Johnny in a Dress blog comes this felt tree idea.  I made two so that the kids weren’t trampling over one another trying to decorate them at the same time.  I also attached mine on foam core boards for portabilty since the party was taking place in my complexes clubhouse.

SUGAR CONE CHRISTMAS TREES:: From the Pigtails and Tutus blog comes this great idea to decorate sugar cones.  Much easier to do with younger kids than a whole gingerbread house.  I divvied out candies for each child to use which doubled as my table decor.

The party favor was a lollipop memory game I made.  To hold the sticks I used Sip-A-Mugs I found at Walmart.  That way when the game pieces wore down, the fun cups could still be used.


And here were a few of our guests enjoying the party.  This was before things really started getting rowdy and green and red sprinkles exploded in the room!  You think college kids are ragers…they got nothing on these little ones!

And there was no mistletoe in the room but that never stops my daughter for going in for some smooches.  This time her victim…Jennifer Skog’s daughter sweet baby Jane.  She didn’t seem to mind much.

San Francisco Dining By Design 2012

Last week I attended the San Francisco Dining by Design Event.  It’s where a collection of designer’s come to show their creativity in table-scape design.  All of  the proceeds benefit AIDS which is near and dear to me be being I lost my Uncle to AIDS. The evening was full of beautiful eye candy and inspirations.

My date for the evening…Miss Regan of Regan Baker Design.  If you don’t remember her, she designed that gorgeous Carmel Beach Bungalow.  I had a wonderful time browsing the event and talking design with her!  Our plan is to collaborate with one another to bring you a design for next years event.  It was great to see what we would be getting ourselves into for next year.  We chatted  with some of the designers who participated in this years event and all had wonderful things to say about the experience.  Baker-Bishop 2013…go team!

Moi & Regan Baker

There were 3 levels of tables…so many more than I even photographed.  But I did manage to snap a few of my favorites.  There were a lot of very rustic and natural tables.  Great florals and plant life mixed with interesting woods and metals.  I’ll let you browse and let the photos speak for themselves.



LEFT | JOHNATHAN ADLER for Kravet Collections            CENTER | DINING BY DESIGN in the SF Galleria          RIGHT | UNKNOWN







6 Years & Counting

They sure aren’t kidding when they say time flies!  6 years ago today I married the love of my life.  I thought my readers had seen photos of my big day but after a few people telling me otherwise, I realized I got married before I was blogging.  So what better day than today to share some details of my special day?  I’m keeping them down to minimum since this is a design blog and I’m assuming most of you want to see details rather than me gushing over my gorgeous groom!

Photography by Jennifer Skog & KI Photography

My 4 year old niece at the time was absolutely the best little flower girl a bride could ever ask for.  She got a little antsy during our ceremony so the officiant pulled her in between us.  Her little face looking up as we exchanged rings…priceless.

I also love how a flower girl brings a smile to so many faces.  My husband and I just attended a wedding and the same thing happened there.  A crowd filled with oohs, aahs and smiling faces.  The power little flower girls hold…amazing.



Both our ceremony and reception was held at the Brazilian Room in Berkeley, CA.  It really is a beautiful setting for a wedding.  It has nature as it’s backdrop and a blank slate reception room.  That was one of my top priorities when looking for a venue. To have a neutral space in which my decor would not compete with. Having some blue patterned carpet or fleur de lys wallpaper was not an option for this rustic fall wedding. I remember SO wanting to rent chivari chairs for the tables. Looking back at this image, I feel it would have made a big difference in the look.  But not spending a grand on chairs was more important at the time.  Darn money getting in the way of design dreams!

My flowers were designed by Wish Flowers.  Minnie did an amazing job with the budget I had to work with.  To cut down on the arrangements for the tables, I used urns filled with green apples for half of them.  The place-cards were apple candles and each guests name was printed with their table number on the leaf.  I covered  “B”s I cut from sytrofoam with Moss. They hung on the walls near the dance floor.

As much as I really wanted Fall colors for my October wedding, I wanted them a little more subdued than I had seen in other falls weddings.  I stayed away from yellow and bright orange and I think that really kept the palette softer. My bouquet was gorgeous.  When it was delivered to my bridal suite I cried…yes I cried when I saw my flowers.  Silly bride.  And talk about silly.  Pretty close to my wedding date, I received a wedding related fortune and you bet your bottom those things are for real!  Panda Express really knows their stuff.  I carried it down the aisle with me and it’s held true to this day.

Now let’s talk desserts…my favorite course of the meal.  This was one of the battles I had with my Mom during good ole Wedding planning. I’m sooo not looking forward to the day I have to battle my Bean in her wedding plans!  She’s one stubborn gal.  Anyways, my Mom loves cake, I do not.  We came to an agreement with these mousse cakes from Masse’s Pastries in Berkeley.  We had one large cake for cutting and then 5 flavors of mini cakes served family style to each table. Guest could take tastes of each or duke it for their own flavor…the choice was theirs!  They were SO good I cannot even explain.  And works of art on top of that!  I really need to go back and get some mini ones to surprise my Hubs with.


And now, for the real evidence that I was married in 2006.  Behold…my Candy Buffet!  All the rage back then and it was a HUGE hit with my guests.  Those people were straight ravenous.  You’d think they’d never had candy before!

All in all it was a beautiful wedding and a wonderful memory to kick off the start of our new life. Were there wedding details I’d change? Yep, I sure would.  There is absolutely no pleasing a designer!  But  there is one detail I’d never change and that is marrying Brad.  11 years together…6 years married.  I haven’t always “liked” him all these years but I’ve always loved him.  Just what marriage is all about.

The Lab Event-Imported Splendor Design Board

So remember that design board contest I won…when I begged mercilessly for votes from friends, family and followers?  Well…I am very excited to finally bring you the photos of the event!  But first let’s have a quick re-cap in case you are newly joining us.  The Lab Event is “a handpicked collection of some of the top trend-setting wedding industry professionals Northern California has to offer.”  The cool thing about it was there were to be no vendor booths or pushy salespeople.  Just a relaxed setting for couples to research and gain inspiration for their upcoming nuptials.  The Lab Event held a contest on some of the top Wedding Blogs.  Contestants submitted a design board and if chosen, the board would be used as inspiration to turn the concept into a tablescape at the event.  Mine was chosen as a finalist on the Style Unveiled Blog and with all of your help I won!!!  You all deserve a very big thanks because there is no way I could have done it without your support.

Here was the board I designed–I named it “Imported Splendor”  a very global feel with a mix of patterns and items from around the world.



ONE | Quatrefoil Chain TWO |  Succulent Balls THREE | Pebble Table Runner FOUR | Mombasa Tablecloth FIVE | Saigon Chandelier SIX | Spice Market SEVEN | Tablescape EIGHT | Wedding Dress NINE | Tree Stump TEN | Hourglass Candleholders ELEVEN | Gold Champagne Flute TWELVE | Filigree Brown & Silver Wine Glass THIRTEEN |Pink & Gold Greek Key Glasses FOURTEEN | Ceramic Lily Plate FIFTEEN | Pagoda Napkin Rings SIXTEEN | Carved Wood Table SEVENTEEN | Ensemble Gold EIGHTEEN | Cake NINETEEN | Mother of Pearl Flatware TWENTY | Rattan Charger TWENTY ONE | Oriental Flowers Plate TWENTY TWO | Carved White Charger TWENTY THREE | Copper Feathers Napkin Ring TWENTY FOUR | Taupe Petite Zig Zag Pillow TWENTY FIVE | Boho Ikat Pillow TWENTY SIX | Ikat Throw Pillow TWENTY SEVEN | Golden Wool Appliqué Pillow


My board was given to Kate Miller Events for inspiration and the results were beautiful.  So warm, worldly and elegant feeling.  I was very proud to be a part of it.

They used their Luxecuts at each place setting which provided such a perfect backdrop for the menu and lent yet another layer of global to the design.

Wicker lanterns gave great texture and were a dramatic effect hung over the table.  Scalloped ruffles sandwiched between piped quatrefoil cake layers gave this cake a global yet chic feel.  A Golden tower set beside it was it’s perfect companion.  Subtle details like golden dishes filled with spices were found throughout the design.

It was so lovely to meet Kate (hello is she my long lost twin?!?!) and her team.  They did such a fantastic job and it was so fun to see her twist on the Imported Splendor Design Board.

A big thanks to by bestie Jennifer Skog for Photographing the details so I could share with you!   Here we are with our little Sis…Lindsay Skog of Pretty Me chic.

And hooray for the First Lab Event!  It was a fun night of design inspiration, tasty treats, mingling and dancing!  If you are engaged and planning your wedding, I highly recommended attending their next event on January 12,2013. { THE LAB }

Little Bit Magazine Feature

I am so very excited to have not one but two designs included in Issue 4 of Little Bit Magazine.  Little Bit is a quarterly digital magazine filled with all things related to children’s design.  I read a lot of online magazines and this one is truly great!  Simple layouts, amazing photography and such inspirational ideas from all of the contributors.  It was extra exciting for me that Jennifer Skog was right there with me on the contributor’s page.  Anytime I can share in some success with my BFF it makes it all the better!  A big thanks to Aisha from Little Bit for including our work in this issue.

You can read it here {LITTLE BIT MAGAZINE :: Issue 4}

Sydney’s Yellow and Black Nursery on pages 46-50 & my Winnie the Pooh Shower design on pages 72-75.


Sophisticated Silhouette Baby Shower

A friend of mine, Shannon, (Mother of 2 and overwhelmed with baby shower details) hired me last minute to put together this baby shower for her girlfriend.  She had some plans in the works but ended up needing help pulling together the shower she had envisioned.  She hoped for yellow and grey with a modern setting and pretty flowers.  With no particular theme, I decided to use a silhouette of a baby girl so that I had something to pull through the entire party as well as infuse a little “baby” into this sophisticated-modern shower.

Rather than using a solid color for the baby silhouette, I merged the shape with a grey and white diagonal pattern.  I love that it was also repeated in the table runner fabric.  I finished her off with a flower and rhinestone headpiece and she was ready to party!  Guests found this with their names at each place setting.

Fabric — Waverly: Square Root Sterling

Flowers were the next order of business.  When you don’t have a huge floral budget, I always suggest using smaller groupings of flowers.  By making a variety of smaller arrangements, you are able to spread them out on the table, making for a fuller look.  Plus, smaller vases need less flowers to fill them up.


I used a different fabric for the table cloth on the favor/sign in table.  The diagonal stripe was repeated on that print as well.  Atop sat the favors– baby feet shaped cookie cutters dressed up with a tag displaying the guest of honors due date.  Before heading to their dining table, guests left their sentiments for the Mommy on strips of paper that were folded up and left in the cardboard honeycomb.

Fabric–Amy Butler: Midwest Modern Optic Blossom Linen


The whole shebang took place at Scott’s in Walnut Creek.  Their outdoor terrace was such a beautiful venue and it’s amber colored ceiling cast such a warm glow for the shower.

On To Baby Feature: #1 Real Birthday Party!

Today I received an email from my friend– subject line saying “Did you see?”  Ohhhhhhh…my curiosity was peaked!  Inside it read “You’re party is listed as #1 on the On To Baby top 5 parties today.”  Wow I was just not expecting that!  I followed the {LINK} and there it was, Miss Sydney enjoying her ice cube tray lunch at her 2nd Birthday Party.  I’m so very excited that this party was listed in the top 5 as the “most viewed Real Parties”!  Thank you OTB and Happy 1 year Anniversary to them.  The On To Baby blog is such a fantastic site bursting with beautiful images and information for all things baby and kids.  They’ve been kind enough to feature Sydney’s Russian Doll party as well as my Winnie the Pooh baby shower. If you are on the hunt for great inspiration images you should definitely check it out.


Baby Shower:Winnie UN-Pooh

I thought my baby shower designing was over for friends after I finished by BFF Jennifer Skog’s baby shower.  But NO…the baby’s keep coming! This time it was for my Sister in Law Teri and my soon to be nephew.  With a large guest list the parties got split and I, along with the soon to be Grandmas (my Mom Lauren and Teri’s Mom Donna) got to work.  My sister in law is AWESOME, I’m very lucky to have her and I’m not just saying this because she lets me do whatever I want to her house and her parties =)  She always tells me “I trust you”.  ACK how nerve racking to live up to that and not disappoint? But, I always seem to make her happy and that makes me happy!

Her only request was that she did NOT want a Winnie the Pooh shower.  But, she wanted Winnie the Pooh.  Huh…scratching head?  I took this as she did not want a Pooh explosion or your typical Pooh themed party materials…fine by me!  My Pooh skills were a bit rusty being in my almost mid thirties.  Did I really just say that?  After some quick research (how did I ever survive before Google?) I remembered that Pooh and his buds lived in the “100 Acre Woods“.  There was my ticket.  I could focus on creating a beautiful woodsy theme and just splash Pooh and the gang while using references like honey.  That is why I entitled this post Winnie UN Pooh. Because the Pooh is scarce.

I really didn’t want to use any cartoon Poohs so that made splashing him in a challenge.  I found a terra cotta Pooh statue on eBay and I knew that it would be an awesome focal point for my room.  What I did not want to be a focal point in the room, was the ugly conference room white board stuck on the wall. So I used a fabric wrapped canvas to hide the eye-sore.  A tree branch I drug home from the creek by my house (with a toddler and dog in tow…boy was I a sight for my neighbors) and a chalkboard sign were just the right additions to setting my theme.


Tree stumps and wooden discs were used throughout the shower.  They were the perfect way to layer my tables.  For another layering tool I used some book boxes I found at Ross. They were originally in a Paris theme but I recovered them with fabric and made faux leather book spines.  I then added various Winnie the Pooh book names that I made on the computer and topped them off with metal label holders with brads.  This was one of my favorite details of this shower.  And let’s talk about these adorable cakes.  I found this Beehive cake idea from Martha Stewart and knew it was just perfect!  Janice (Teri’s Aunt) so graciously donated her skills to make this happen.  They turned out so great.

I stenciled a Winnie the Pooh quote on the dessert table runner.  I really feel like every Mother feels this way toward their children.  It read…

“If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.”
A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Our guests took home honey jars as their party favor.  The labels read “Thanks from the Mama-to-bee”.  Again I didn’t want to use typical Pooh cartoon characters in the shower so I found coloring book drawings and printed them onto weathered paper to use on signs throughout the shower.  The huge tree trunk still had live moss on it. I was ECSTATIC when my Aunt and Mom brought this home from a trip to my Dad’s.  Yes, I was flipping my lid over a Mossy tree stump….what can I say…it’s the little things for me.  I kept paying visits to it in the garage to check that the moss would last until show time and it DID!

I used a grouping of three wooden place mats as the runner down each table setting.  I alternated napkins under each plate.  One was a solid turquoise with a gold beaded trim and the other, a buttery yellow with s subtle white contemporary pattern.  Chalkboard name cards with feathers and raffia trails sat on each plate.  Accessories like birdcages, snails and tin buckets filled with evergreens helped in aiding my woodsy feel.


For food we wanted to keep it simple.  Since we were attending this party we had a lot to do for set up and keeping the menu manageable meant more fun during the shower for us!  But, just because the food is simple does not mean it needs to look like you didn’t slave over it.   We bought rotisserie chickens and mango sausages from Costco that we used as our main course.  Accompanied by spinach salad (a family recipe), fruit kabobs, fresh corn salad, salt and pepper potato chips and biscuits with honey butter.  It was delicious, looked great and gave our shower a sort of down home woodsy feel.  Our guests did not go home hungry!  The turquoise fabric was made into a runner and is what I used to create my color palette for the shower. Turquoise, gold, brown, black and kelly green.

Our beverage station held sweet tea, water with cucumber and wine for guest to help themselves to.

We had all the guests address their own envelopes for the busy Mama to use for her Thank you cards.

We had such a great time and I was so happy to see how this design turned out.  Big thanks to my worker bee Grandmas, Jennifer Skog, Janice Williams for our adorable cakes and Lori and Eddie our laborers during set up and cleanup.

Left to Right: Me – Mama To Be Teri – Lauren (My Mom and now Grandma of 2)

And last but not least…you’re never too old to get kisses from your Mommy =)

Teri and her Mom Donna.


Photography | Jennifer Skog Photography

Venue | Residence Inn Livermore, CA

Rentals | Stuart Party Rentals

Florals | Jennifer Bishop Design

Cakes | Family Member-Janice Williams

Mama’s Makeup | Lindsay Skog of Pretty Me Chic

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