Halloween Decor

I haven’t shown you much of my apartment.  Primarily…because it’s a disaster zone almost 24-7.  But I’m OK showing you glimpses of the clean parts once in awhile!  My daughter kept telling me she wanted Halloween decorations up.  I don’t normally decorate for Halloween and didn’t have much in the way of typical Halloween decor.  Then one day, I was on Facebook, and a post came up from one of my Friend’s Leslie Nash whom I like to call the Master Crafter.  She had posted this artwork that she had designed and it was so funny to me!  Running a business and raising a small child…I definitely feel like I’m living in an insane asylum many days!  I immediately contacted her and wanted to know how I could get my own poster and also how she went about making the embroidery hoop prints.  The best part is that she has this print in her ETSY shop so if you’d like one customized for your own family just contact her.

The embroidery hoops were also such a cute idea.  I’ve never used this technique before but the image is actually printed right onto the fabric. I won’t go into too much detail but I will share with you the sources and directions for this project if you’d like to try it yourself.

Clipart Source: The Graphics
Embroidery  Hoop Directions: The Graphics Fairy
Label Printing Method: My Re-Purposed Life
Tip– I used Linen Fabric to make my hoops


So here are the results after I used Leslie’s Artwork, made my own hoops and added a few other items including a photo of my daughter on her first Halloween!

And speaking of my daughter, do you think she was happy with our Halloween decor…of course not!  4 years olds have such a mind of their own.  I asked her what she was envisioning and she said  “you know…the stickers.”  Come to find out she wanted the Halloween decals you stick on the windows =)  So off Mommy went to Target to hunt down some decor for my Bean to set up her own decorations.  I think she did a pretty great job!


Sneak Peek–New Traditonal Living Room

I’m not going to go into all the details yet but just wanted to give you a sneak peek into this light and airy traditional family room.  Its not your Mother’s Traditional!  Room details and more photos to follow so stay tuned…

In the Works-Chop Chop…We Have a Move In Date!

It isn’t every day that you start a design in one house and finish up in an entirely new one!  Back in the beginning of the year, I was working with my client on her Dining and Living Room design.  We had just finished and were ready to start ordering when they bought a new house.  It was something they had wanted for a long time.  The stars finally aligned so they went for it!  So what to do with the designs we had already? Well, many pieces still worked so generally it stayed the same.  But some big changes came when they decided for almost a compete overhaul of the home.  A Kitchen remodel, new flooring, paint, tile, bathroom addition, custom built ins, fireplace reface, new furnishings….the list goes on.   Oh and did I tell you, all of this needs to be completed by their move in date which was originally in two weeks but has now moved to the beginning of December?!?!

So between myself, the contractor, my assistant (I haven’t told you about her yet!) and the homeowners, we’ve busted some tail specifying, demolishing, building, painting and shopping.  We must make a good combo because I will say things are falling into place and we are staying on track time-wise.  Go TEAM!

Here is the family room.  Before there were two funky arched shelving holes in the wall.  We conjoined the two and are adding 3 towers of custom built ins.  They went in today and I cannot wait to see the results.  The fireplace will have floor to ceiling stacked stone tiles that wrap the side walls.

We originally wanted some larger stones but were having trouble finding the right color in the texture and size that we wanted.  We went for the sample on the right board, top left.  It’s a grey but has a little brown in it as well.

The island was ripped out and will come back larger and in and espresso finish.  The back wall of cabs will be white shaker style.  We chose two types of quartz for countetops  The white will go on the island and the concrete look goes on the back set of cabinets.

We are using this marble black splash.  It’s called Danby by Quarry Collection.  We had planned on the smaller mosaic on the bottom but are still deciding if we want to do larger subways.  For lighting I wanted to bring in a little more worn edge so the kitchen didn’t get too classic.  The decor is pretty modern, eclectic with some global hints so we needed to make sure that the kitchen could stand up to that.

My office for the last two weeks.  My desk at home looks just about as messy…

The dining room had some strange angled soffit that we knocked out and straightened it up.  Crown will be added to the top.  The ceiling portion will painted the same as the walls which will be a dark brown with a red undertone.  Sherwin Williams Hot Cocoa.

Hot Cocoa will carry on into the Living Room as well.  They sit parallel to one another with the entry in between them.  We really needed to create balance with the rooms being they face each-other.

Hot Cocoa is the left set of paints, darkest tone.  I wanted something with a slightly red undertone to it. The set on the right went too red.  The red keeps the brown warm and from getting too dark.  The same value of brown on some of the other charts gets really dark and fudgy.   You have to be really careful of pink undertones though. When lightened up, you can get very pink walls.  And light-beiges  with pick undertones are amongst the hardest to match things to.

So we come back to where things all started.  The original Living Room design that found a new home.  Walls were painted today, hardwood is going in next week and then we can finally get the furniture in which has been sitting in the warehouse waiting patiently.


Client Progress-Tape It Out First

I am thrilled to announce I am a new contributor for Houzz! I will be compiling Ideabooks for Houzz weekly bringing you tips & tricks, sourcing great design finds and discussing beautiful designs. I could not be any more excited. Houzz is a great source for you to gather inspiration photos. Their database is filled with tons of photos and DIY projects and you can save them to your own Ideabooks to keep them handy for your upcoming projects. You can search by photo, product ideas, ideabooks or designer. You can also upload your own photos by adding the the “Bookmarklet” button on your toolbar.  Products and be added without permission but not completed designs.  Give it a try it’s a great design tool!

My first featured Ideabook discusses the importance of a great space-plan and how you can check your furniture placement prior to ordering furniture by laying out your space with painters tape. It took place at a current family room project of mine, post painting and receipt of the area rug but prior to any furniture being received. I was determining the proper placement of the flat screen TV that was to be installed the next day. I hope you find it and all my future Ideabooks to be helpful an/or inspiring!

Room Envy-Beachy Chic

Let me first start by telling you I did NOT design this beautiful home.  I only stumbled across it while visiting my oldest friend Kim last summer (I’m serious…we met in pre-school).  When I walked in, I twirled around and drooled on her hardwood floor a little (well it felt like that’s what I did).  I mean it’s not like this place was specifically styled for this shoot…heck she didn’t even know I was going to ask her to photograph it…nor did I!  I was just there to visit a friend. But, I should have known her place would be fab…she is always dressed so well and looks stunning…I hate her just a little =)   She agreed to the photoshoot and then poured me a glass of  La Chateau Vouvray.  Sounds fancy but it’s cheap…from Trader Joes and is delish!  Light and a little sweet and went perfect for my tour of this Beachy-Chic beauty of a place.    Anyways, I received a text from her yesterday and it totally reminded me that I needed to blog about it still.  And what more perfect of a time than now…where summer has finally decided to show it’s pretty little face finally.

So this cottage is located in Corona Del Mar, a sleepy little beach town with a small main street and 2 beaches off Pacific Coast Highway.  It’s on a  second story, set over a garage and is about 6 blocks from the beach.  It was originally built in the 40 or 50′s Kim told me.  Walking up the steps you find a tiny little patio with bricks laid in a zig zag pattern, a wicker table topped with succulent pots and a lounge chair.  Such a cozy little space to enjoy the outdoors and a beautiful entrance for her home.  You’re then greeted with a dutch door which I just LOVED.  Just inside the entry sat an old bench that  apparantly is the landlords and on loan to Kim.  It’s original home was in the Pasadena courthouse.  Above it is actually a fabric wrapped canvas.  She couldn’t find art that she liked but she found this fabric at Crate and Barrel…instant art!   

I really love mixing styles and I’d say she’s done it beautifully.  It’s modern, vintage with some glam and natural elements thrown in here and there.  Nothing is super expensive yet it gives off that quality. And it still remains comfortable and relaxed…a must for a beach home! I’ll quit the chatting and let you finish the tour from here on out.  Thank you Kim for opening up your home to me and my readers.  You could really quit your day job if you wanted to…if you get my drift? 

Sofa Shopping-Room & Board

Recently we went to Room & Board to finalize fabrics and sofa selections with Jennifer Skog. And when I say “we”, I mean my durability testing toddler & I. Nothing like a kid eating snacks and jumping on your cushions with shoes to really see how your purchase will perform!

Jen decided on the Dublin Sofa and Chaise Lounge with the Norah Ottoman in a grey houndstooth print. The wooden legs will be more of an espresso color. We played with some of R&B’s pillow offerings but nothing struck us except for the Indigo Velvet Pillow. It is so lush and rich looking….the photo does it NO justice. I did love the citrine, indigo and turquoise all together though…I’ll be pushing her towards that scheme! Our hunt will continue for pillows as we are trying to coordinate them with a custom upholstered cornice board I had made for her last year. Here is a bit of advice. DON’T buy anything permanent until you are ready to work on the ENTIRE room design. Although we still love the fabric it is making it tricky to have to work around that one set thing. Does my best friend listen to me…no…she’s impatient. But aren’t we all!

Looks guilty…doesn’t she?

We’re not using that printed pillow but you can see the indigo and the scale of the houndstooth a little better in this photo.While Jen was placing her order, I chased my toddler around the store but made time to stop and drool at the rug and pillow displays. The thought of a nap in them was just…so…tempting!

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