Halloween Decor

I haven’t shown you much of my apartment.  Primarily…because it’s a disaster zone almost 24-7.  But I’m OK showing you glimpses of the clean parts once in awhile!  My daughter kept telling me she wanted Halloween decorations up.  I don’t normally decorate for Halloween and didn’t have much in the way of typical Halloween decor.  Then one day, I was on Facebook, and a post came up from one of my Friend’s Leslie Nash whom I like to call the Master Crafter.  She had posted this artwork that she had designed and it was so funny to me!  Running a business and raising a small child…I definitely feel like I’m living in an insane asylum many days!  I immediately contacted her and wanted to know how I could get my own poster and also how she went about making the embroidery hoop prints.  The best part is that she has this print in her ETSY shop so if you’d like one customized for your own family just contact her.

The embroidery hoops were also such a cute idea.  I’ve never used this technique before but the image is actually printed right onto the fabric. I won’t go into too much detail but I will share with you the sources and directions for this project if you’d like to try it yourself.

Clipart Source: The Graphics
Embroidery  Hoop Directions: The Graphics Fairy
Label Printing Method: My Re-Purposed Life
Tip– I used Linen Fabric to make my hoops


So here are the results after I used Leslie’s Artwork, made my own hoops and added a few other items including a photo of my daughter on her first Halloween!

And speaking of my daughter, do you think she was happy with our Halloween decor…of course not!  4 years olds have such a mind of their own.  I asked her what she was envisioning and she said  “you know…the stickers.”  Come to find out she wanted the Halloween decals you stick on the windows =)  So off Mommy went to Target to hunt down some decor for my Bean to set up her own decorations.  I think she did a pretty great job!


A Christmas Party-Toddler Style

I’m sorry if you were all ready to move on to Valentine’s day…but I still have some Christmas and Winter Blogging to do so please bare with me!

Every year I host a Christmas party.  It started out as a cookie exchange many years back with some of my close friends from High School.  We started tiring of the cookie party…mainly because most of our cookies sucked!  So we decided to ditch the stressful late night baking and just get together for a Christmas gathering.  Over the years, we’ve grown and mainly in the kids department.  I wanted to set them up a special little place of their own and give them activities to keep them occupied.  Add 7 toddlers to the mix and well, that’s a party!  I truly wish I had taken an “after” shot of this tablescape.  It looked as if the Bumpuses hounds paid a visit to our party.

I scoured Pinterest for some fun ideas and I’ll share with you how I incorporated 5 different ideas I found on Pinterest plus one of my own to make this fun party.

REINDEER PB&Js::  I found this idea from the And Everything Sweet Blog.  Quick easy and was a fun main course for the kiddos.

CHEVRON BOWS::  Besides the fact that these chevron paper bows are adorable, they are offered as a free printable on the Ellinee Blog! Instead of using the included gift tag, I printed out a small photo of each child and attached with a small clothespin as their placecard.  This is the second time I used a printable from Ellinee.  I recently used their printable Holiday Petal Card for this years Teacher’s Gift.

SNOWMAN CUPS::  This was the cutest idea originally from the Blue Cricket Design Blog.  She used them to carry treats to her kids school, I added a straw for toddler drinks.

FELT CHRISTMAS TREE DECORATING:: From the Johnny in a Dress blog comes this felt tree idea.  I made two so that the kids weren’t trampling over one another trying to decorate them at the same time.  I also attached mine on foam core boards for portabilty since the party was taking place in my complexes clubhouse.

SUGAR CONE CHRISTMAS TREES:: From the Pigtails and Tutus blog comes this great idea to decorate sugar cones.  Much easier to do with younger kids than a whole gingerbread house.  I divvied out candies for each child to use which doubled as my table decor.

The party favor was a lollipop memory game I made.  To hold the sticks I used Sip-A-Mugs I found at Walmart.  That way when the game pieces wore down, the fun cups could still be used.


And here were a few of our guests enjoying the party.  This was before things really started getting rowdy and green and red sprinkles exploded in the room!  You think college kids are ragers…they got nothing on these little ones!

And there was no mistletoe in the room but that never stops my daughter for going in for some smooches.  This time her victim…Jennifer Skog’s daughter sweet baby Jane.  She didn’t seem to mind much.

Displaying Holiday Cards

Ok…when did it become only 19 days until Christmas? I better getting working on the Christmas posts PRONTO!!!

One thing I find people always seem to struggle with is how to display all of the Christmas cards they receive. Here are a few of my favorite ideas…







Even though this is a photo wall, this idea could easily be converted for use with Xmas cards. You could even adhere patterend papers to to the wood to give it more of a Christmasy feel.


Or if the above option is too much DIY for your blood…I’d buy a couple of these and call it a day!

Creepy Class

Now this, is how you can add some Halloween decor to your home in a more subtle way. Just a hint of creepiness is all you need to get in the spirit of things. Vintage apothecary jars, white skulls and the funky floral arrangement bring on the creep while damask covered pillar candles bring back some of the class.
Better Homes & Gardens-Halloween Issue Oct 2010

Nail In The Coffin

This sure puts a new spin on “A Nail in the Coffin” doesn’t it?!?! Besides the fact that it makes one of the most unique platforms for a buffet I’ve ever seen, the nailhead detail on the coffin…I love it! This party as well as instructions how to make this coffin yourself can be found on pg 82 of the current issue of Halloween (Better Homes & Gardens Special Interest Oct 2010)

Countdown to Halloween

It’s October 1st and besides being my 4 year Anniversary today, it feels like Fall begins! I’ve been gathering some great Halloween ideas for decorating your home and parties to share all month. So, let’s begin with some great displays I’ve seen while out and about. But, before I get to that, here is a photo of my Hubby and I on our wedding day. We look quite a bit younger, so vibrant, not tired…I can’t imagine why?!?!

Now on with the show.
While in Richard’s one of my favorite go tos for craft supplies and home decor, I came across some great Halloween displays.

My next great display find was while on a recent trip to Southern California. I went to Generations Home & Garden in Laguna Niguel and the displays were gorgeous! There were so many things to look at and so many things to BREAK! Not so good for this klutzy gal who was also trying to keep her energetic toddler in her stroller to avoid tremendous catastrophe. If you’re ever in the area, stop in. I’m sure it is just spectacular at Christmas time!

I LOVED the vintage stove.

So hopefully that got you just a little excited and inspired for HALLOWEEN. More ideas to come!

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