Design by the Hour

Our Design By The Hour can be used for anything the client needs assistance with. It generally consists of one or a few visits where a full design is not needed to be prepared and presented. This service is catered to whatever the client requires assistance for. It can be useful for clients in several different circumstances such as:
• Only needs general advice on particular areas in their home
• Likes to work on the design of their home themselves but just needs re-assurance on their decisions
• Budgetary constraints

Design by the Hour is available for an hourly fee at 1 hour minimum.

Many of our clients have used their time for assistance with:
• Finish Selection-flooring, wallpaper, window treatments, lighting, fixtures, cabinetry and more
• Re-Arranging existing furnishings and accessories
• Accessory shopping and styling
• A game plan of how to tackle their home and in what order

Please CONTACT US for further information on Design By the Hour

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