Boho Baby Shower

I’m not feeling incredibly wordy tonight.  This gorgeous Boho Baby shower we threw has been sitting as a draft on my computer  for WAY too long.  It was in honor of  Milk Glass Vintage Rentals, PJ and her Little Lady.  So I’ll just get the ball rolling and let the photos speak for themselves.

Design | Jennifer Bishop Design
Photography | Jennifer Skog
Rentals | Milk Glass Vintage Rentals
Ferns | The Petal Company Cacti and Floral | Nicole Ha
Dream Catchers and Favor Bags | Jennifer Skog and Lindsay Skog
Venue | Prim Boutique

Jennifer Bishop Design:: Boho Baby Shower Lounge Seating Milk Glass Vintage Rentals

Jennifer Bishop Design:: Boho Baby Shower,  Lounge with Rentals Milk Glass Vintage Rentals

Jennifer Bishop Design:: Boho Baby Shower, Barn Wood Dining Table

Jennifer Bishop Design:: Boho Baby Shower Tablescape with Teepee Food Buffet

Jennifer Bishop Design:: Boho Baby Shower Tablescape with Ferns and Cactus

Jennifer Bishop Design:: Boho Baby Shower Food Buffet Styling

Jennifer Bishop Design-Boho Baby Shower Green and Purple Vintage Glassware

Jennifer Bishop Design-Boho Baby Shower Beverage Table Styling

Jennifer Bishop Design:: Boho Baby Shower, Golden Arrow Stamped Favor Bags

Jennifer Bishop Design-Boho Baby Shower Dreamcatchers, Jennifer Skog, Pj Rude, PMA, Modern FramesAnd here I am…the same size as the Mama in honor, yet I had my baby MONTHS after her! =)

Warming Up A Sterile Office

I have never understood why the majority of commercial offices are so dang cold.  And in cold I’m not talking about temperature I’m talking about the feel of it design wise.  One of the reasons I went into design was because I loved how the design of a room could not only impact a person visually but also mentally.  I find it even more important to have a warm and inviting office when its use is for the medical industry.  I see it time and time again.  White walls, grey commercial carpet usually with burgundy or blue office chairs.  I’ll also bet it’s adorned with some terrible photography with some sort of inspirational quote underneath it.  Oh…and don’t forget…it’s probably hung 2 feet higher on the wall than it should be! 

Many patients have enough anxiety when going to their appointments and I wish more doctors, dentists, therapists etc would understand that by creating a warmer environment for their patients that their overall experience…will make them happier!   My sister-in-law (Teri Sorkin, MFT) is a marriage and family therapist and she enlisted my help in making her office an inviting, safe place where her patients could open up to her.  She supplied the sofa and chair and I shopped for and styled the rest.  Now, a dental or doctors office most likely would not be styled to this extreme but in her industry it works.   


I always love infusing natural elements into designs and in this case I created a succulent wall garden to breathe some life into the space.  I found these two wrought iron votive holders for a price I couldn’t turn down, but putting candles in this office…well it just seemed silly.  I still wanted to use them though and swapping rocks and succulents in place of candles completely re-purposed them.  I know using real versus faux flowers is a big debate in the design world buy my motto is to use whatever works best in the space and the person caring for it.  As long as they look VERY realistic then I am OK using faux.  In this case, faux was necessary because succulents just wouldn’t have survived nor would Teri want to maintain them.


I feel that styling it is THE most important part of a design and is where the biggest mitakes are made by homeowners.  It is the jewlery for the room and without it…it is missing it’s personality!  Styling is available by the hour and can really transform a space.

If you’d like to schedule an appointment for your home or event,  please CONTACT US for more information.

Sydney’s 1st Birthday Party

Being that my kid is almost TWO I figured it was about dang time I blogged her FIRST birthday party.  With a large family and my Beany having tons of baby friends, a backyard BBQ was perfect  for our celebration.  And, when I say “our” celebration I mean Brad, The Bean and I.  We were ready to celebrate SURVIVING the first year just as much as The Bean was ready to celebrate turning a whole year old!  I’m not going to lie, we had an extremely rough first 6 months as parents so it was definitely time to party! 

Before I get into the design details, I want to give a big thanks to my BFF Jen & her husband Scott for opening their home for our party!  Jen also helped me with the graphic design elements as well as setting up my master plan!  Jen and her brother Rob photographed all the details as well as our family and friends and I am so thankful to have them.  If you’d like to read about the party in Jen’s own words, you can read about it {HERE}. 

So let’s talk concept.  I’m a dog lover…especially of little dogs and what better dog to incorporate into a BBQ where you’ll be serving hot dogs than a wiener dog?  Browsing the internet for ideas, I found a onesie where the silhouette of a dog was applied to it.  This worked perfectly for a wiener dog and the fact that the dog’s body wrapped around from her front to her back was adorable!  I had my Mom do the sewing since my sewing skills topped out  in the 7th grade making scrunchies.


And a first birthday party  just isn’t the same without a tutu in my opinion.  My Mom sewed that as well.  Look at the ribbon detail on the edges…it was A LOT of work and she pulled it off beautifully.  And look at those chubby baby legs…I nibble on them everyday!


I wanted to make sure that there was plenty to do for the kiddos and bubbles are always a hit with the little ones.  I came up with the concept of “Bean’s Bubble Bar” and set up a little station with the jars of bubbles.  Each jar had it’s own wand I made from pipe cleaners.  There was a bubble machine blowing bubbles off the table for some extra fun!  The bubbles were loved by the little ones…but weren’t so loved by Jen and Scott…who had their grass killed under the bubble bar!  Wooops, sorry guys. Luckily a little grass seed fixed the problem.

Another thing kids just seem to love is little furniture.  I love it myself but it is just so hard to find cute, unique pieces at affordable prices.  My Aunt Gerri  is great at finding treasures at thrift stores and I believe these used to belong to a school in her area.  She sent me a photo of them and asked me if I wanted them.  They looked nothing like this at the time so I told her as long as I could do a makeover on them…I’d take em!  I’ll follow up with a post with the before and afters later.  Mom and I sewed some pillows using the same fabric as Beany’s onesie.  Accessories…just as important for little people too!

This wrought iron chandelier looked so great hanging from the tree.  The wind would blow the ribbons making it look so whimsical. It was originally brown and rusty but a couple colors in spray paint and it was brought a new life.  Much more kid-ified.


I decided to try and make tissue pom poms myself.  I did NOT like this project.  Long, tedious and hurt my fingers! 


Favors for the adults were chocolate dipped pretzel rods with white sprinkles.  Favors for the kids were custom made coloring books with homemade dog bone crayons. I really used the fabric as part of the theme just as much as the wiener dog.  I used the the teal, aqua, plum and olive green all throughout the party as well as the flower motif.  I painted un-finished wooden flowers and used them  on both the chandelier as well as this flower pot filled with candy lollipops.

Toni Skog, my BFF’s Mom,  makes the most DELICIOUS cupcakes.  I was originally going to hire someone to make the cupcake cake but then Toni wanted to make it so I abliged.  She came up with this amazing realistic dog head made from marzipan!  I think the direction she went with it was far superior to the image I had visualized.  Isn’t the face and bow so sweet?  And shouldn’t Toni be going into business with her amazing work?   I have Bob and Lindsay Skog to thank as well for this cake….it was a joint effort and the results were SPECTACULAR!!! 

She made a separate smash cake for My Beans and even made me a custom “1″ candle since I couldn’t find one that matched the cake!  Now that’s the kind of detail that is so important to me.  When it was cake time the party girl didn’t put much of a show on…she wasn’t getting as messy as I would have liked.  (That’s the LAST time you’ll hear me say that).  So we placed the cake on the ground for all the other kiddos to take a stab at.  I’m guessing their parents were cursing my name at the time….actually I’m quite sure of it!    Prior to the smashing of the cake, it was displayed with two wooden dogs I painted and dressed up with tutus to match the Birthday girl.

The Hot Dog buffet was setup indoors complete with all the fixins.  Do you recognize those Manzanita branches?  They are great to re-use.  With new decorations added to them, they can breathe a new look into each party.  You can see them at my Baby Shower {HERE} and at another shower I threw {HERE}.


The day was a blast and it was so much fun to spend it with family, old friends and new friends we’ve made since Sydney was born.

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Double Vision

When I found out I was pregnant, after the initial excitement of becoming a Mommy set in…my mind started designing the Nursery! I had no idea which gender I was having yet so I decided I would come up with some mock designs for both. At that time I really felt like I was having a boy, so I designed that room first. Well, I was WRONG so on to the next thought process. Maybe for fun I’ll have to post my boy’s design board later!

When designing, I like to take one item whether it be an art piece, area rug or even a fabric pattern and build off of that. It takes much of that overwhelming feeling out of design. The hard part then becomes what will that one piece be? I wanted a room that would grow with my daughter so it had to be more mature than a typical baby room but still be whimsical enough for a baby. When I found these art pieces, I knew I had found my inspiration. I have a Boston Terrier (ahem…see my Design Assistant) and what woman doesn’t love purses! A yellow & black palette would give the room some sophistication…BINGO…we have set our mood!



 How do you like that table accessory…wink wink?


Ok, so now on to why this post is titled “Double Vision”. My best friend Jen Skog threw me the most AMAZING baby shower. She took my vision for my Nursery and turned it into a whimsical soiree. Jen is a professional photographer but from the looks of her design I’d say she has a career in event design wouldn’t you say? Her design was even featured on The Cake Blog.  Details included Boston Terrier and Handbag cookies for the favors as well as the cutest floral arrangement I’ve ever seen.  A purse made from yellow poms to mimic the purse in my inspiration artwork…SERIOUSLY?!?!  I was blown away.  I’m going to let the photos do the rest of the talking.

Here I am looking ready to pop but was no where near! 
All in all both Jen’s and my visions came to life and it just goes to show how different areas of design, whether it be interiors, fashion, events, etc. all go hand in hand.
Lil Miss Sydney Bean enjoying her new nursery!


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