Boho Baby Shower

I’m not feeling incredibly wordy tonight.  This gorgeous Boho Baby shower we threw has been sitting as a draft on my computer  for WAY too long.  It was in honor of  Milk Glass Vintage Rentals, PJ and her Little Lady.  So I’ll just get the ball rolling and let the photos speak for themselves.

Design | Jennifer Bishop Design
Photography | Jennifer Skog
Rentals | Milk Glass Vintage Rentals
Ferns | The Petal Company Cacti and Floral | Nicole Ha
Dream Catchers and Favor Bags | Jennifer Skog and Lindsay Skog
Venue | Prim Boutique

Jennifer Bishop Design:: Boho Baby Shower Lounge Seating Milk Glass Vintage Rentals

Jennifer Bishop Design:: Boho Baby Shower,  Lounge with Rentals Milk Glass Vintage Rentals

Jennifer Bishop Design:: Boho Baby Shower, Barn Wood Dining Table

Jennifer Bishop Design:: Boho Baby Shower Tablescape with Teepee Food Buffet

Jennifer Bishop Design:: Boho Baby Shower Tablescape with Ferns and Cactus

Jennifer Bishop Design:: Boho Baby Shower Food Buffet Styling

Jennifer Bishop Design-Boho Baby Shower Green and Purple Vintage Glassware

Jennifer Bishop Design-Boho Baby Shower Beverage Table Styling

Jennifer Bishop Design:: Boho Baby Shower, Golden Arrow Stamped Favor Bags

Jennifer Bishop Design-Boho Baby Shower Dreamcatchers, Jennifer Skog, Pj Rude, PMA, Modern FramesAnd here I am…the same size as the Mama in honor, yet I had my baby MONTHS after her! =)

Teacher Appreciation Gift-Caricature Notecards

Can we please get in our time machines and go back to June…you know the time of year you hand your kids’ teachers their gifts for all of their hard work?  Because that is when I made these and it’s now NOVEMBER (how is it NOVEMBER going on DECEMBER?).  I figured I’d still throw these up because sometimes parents are looking for teacher Holiday present ideas and these might come in handy for that.  So every time I have given my daughters pre-school teachers a gift, they’ve always responded back so graciously with a thank you card.  I though it might be cute to get them some personalized thank you card being that they have to write so many throughout the year.   I placed the notecards and envelopes in plastic baskets I found at Target. With each notecard set I included a pen (that also had the caricature on them) as well as a DVD that held the caricature images in case they wanted to make more notecards when they ran out.  I wrapped the whole thing both vertically and horizontally with some rainbow twine and voila…a fun gift and package all in one!   The teachers were all so excited to see these caricatures of themselves and it was a fun unique gift to be able to give them.

Jennifer Bishop Design Teacher Appreciation, Personalized Notecards, Caricature 2

Jennifer Bishop Design Teacher Appreciation, Personalized Notecards

Jennifer Bishop Design Teacher Appreciation, Personalized Notecards Rainbow Yarn

Jennifer Bishop Design Teacher Appreciation, Personalized Notecards, Caricature

CARCICATURE DESIGN-NOTECARDS & PENS: Vistaprint I also purchased the separate caricature file so I could print myself on my disc label.
PATTERNED SCRAPBOOK PAPER: I used the Moroccan Prints Digital Paper Pack from PrettifulDesigns on ETSY and printed it myself.
ENVELOPE:  I made my own by cutting an 8.5×11 sheet of cardstock and rounding the sides but you can purchase any type of envelope pocket at your craft store.
BASKETS: Room Essentials Storage Bin from Target.  I bought in the store and didn’t need to buy a set of 4 like it says online. 
YARN-TWINE or RIBBON: I used the Deborah Norville Serenity Garden Gems yarn.  I bought it at Joann Fabrics but don’t see it there anymore.
CD or DVD’s plus printable sticker labels for them
FULL SHEET STICKER PAPER: to print the caricatures on for the sticker to close the envelope.  You could also just print on circle labels.
CIRCLE PUNCHES: To cut out  stickers for envelope if you used full sheet sticker paper.
GEL DOTS: To hold the DVD to the paper. You stick them to the paper and them pop the DVD hole through them. I’m not sure where to find these.  My friend gave me a bunch that she had.

Design Board “The Turtle Shell”| SF Bay Area Interior Designer

I’ve  said if before and I’ll say it again, designing for older kids can be so much fun!  Especially when they are teenagers and are all into their funny inside jokes.  A couple requests for this room were that he wanted it to be called “The Turtle Shell” and he wanted ocean art because he surfs.  A really large scale wave canvas will sit over his bed in lieu of a headboard.  The walls will be painted in Sherwin Williams-Maxi Teal.  The room has a lot of light with window on 3 different walls so the room can totally withstand such a deep color.  To brighten it up, I’m using pops of white in the bedding and desk.  The ceiling will also stay white.  From the ceiling will hang one of his surfboards as decor.  Since we want this to be a cool hangout for him and his friends to enjoy, we’ve added this sofa that will also fold down into a bed for any overnight guests.  I’m pretty happy with the results and can’t wait to get working on it!

Wine Country Modern Living Room-SF Bay Area Interior Design

I came across this client because she was a referral from my Tiny Totem client.  They are friends and neighbors.  I just love swooping through neighborhoods!  The Living and Dining room was almost a clean slate.  The bones of the room were already there by which I mean, paint, hardwood and shutters.  So I really needed to just pull it together with the furnishings.  She had a few pieces for me to start with.  The Riddling board was brought home from one of her trips to Napa and she really wanted a “Napa” style incorporated to the room.  She also really likes modern design and color so I used her existing green abstract art to inspire my design for the room.

If I haven’t told you this before…I’m a custom pillow junky!  Nothing sets off a room more than pillows in my professional opinion!  And I absolutely love when a client isn’t afraid of color and pattern.  In this room, with mostly browns and neutrals, the pillows set if off.


The Dining room adjoins the living room as well.  We used the clients existing Dining room furniture and I just styled it to tie in some of the Living Room colors.

I really played with a lot of texture in this design, I used a lot of weathered woods, a the zigzag jute chenille rug and rope.  And oh HI…look who it is!  This is the first shot of myself in one of my room designs. It was pretty exciting!

A close up of the riddling board.  I love the weathered grain and the warmth it added to the space.

A reason to follow us on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook

As much as I’d like to keep our website and blog running in pristine condition with constant updated material…time doesn’t always allow for that.    Enter Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.  These three media platforms are really great ways I can share information at a faster rate.  Many times, we post daily jobsite updates, share great finds and pin inspirational ideas (ours as well as others).   The trio really fills in the gaps for what the website and blog are incapable of doing.

We’ve been on Facebook and Pinterest for some time now.  Instagram…not so much.  I’ve recently started up using my Instagram account again and soon realized, I wanted to keep my personal account…well personal.  So if you’d like to continue to see our jobs updates and such, please follow our new instagram business page.  As of now, my personal profile will hide the photos of my kid being a goofball.  But,  I can stay public with my business and gather new followers for those interested in design.

You can find us here:


PS!  Our Pinterest page is really set up to be helpful in your research.  All room shots are divided by “Interiors-Kitchen” “Interiors-Bedroom” and so forth.  Same goes for “Furniture-Chairs” “Furniture-Tables” f you are looking for items.  So it can really become a great library of images for you to collect ideas for your own homes!



Big Girl Room

So the problem with waiting too long on getting a design done is that your kid gets older…and gets opinionated!  You may remember back when we first moved into our apartment, that I was going to do the room around a certain Marimekko print?  She used to love it and would talk about it all the time.  Well times got busy and I never went through with the original  plans I had for the room.  In the mean time, my kid got a year and a half older and wiser apparently because “blue flowers are SOOO a year and a half ago Mom.  I want a rainbow flower room now!”  Well, my 3 1/2 year old didn’t say it just like that…but that’s how I heard it. The problem was, that I was so excited to use the extra wide black and white stripe and wasn’t ready to part with it.  I searched and searched for some multicolor floral bedding that had some black in it to tie in the stripe fabric.  Finally, I struck gold one day and found the Ayana Miranda Floral quilt by Cynthia Rowley on Ebay.  It had a rainbow of flowers to make my kid happy, and had sort of an Anthropologie look to it so I could go with an eclectic look like I wanted.

For sheets, I found the Bazaar sheet from Land of Nod that I’m going to order soon.  I was going to just do white…but my kid said “no white!” so more floral motifs it is!

Another change from the original design is I’m changing the use for  the stripe fabric.  I’ll be using it on a custom corner headboard instead.

Premier Prints-Vertical Black/White

I fell in love with the concept after seeing it done for this bed by Designer: Annsley McAleer (Photo: Ben Gebo)

With talk of a second child in the mix, most of the pretty beds I had found were not going to be feasible with 2 kids in a room.  So I had to double dip with my furnishings and a bed/dresser combo was really the best choice. I chose a white platform bed with 6 drawers underneath it.  I’ll then do the corner headboard and I think it will be adorable!


While out shipping at Homegoods with my little one, she spotted this rattan head…cow…not sure?  Anyways, she wanted it.  At first I was laughing and then, after some thought, I thought “hey why not!”  It would add some texture to the space.  I can already see the future of the head in the room though.  Pretty sure I’ll be removing it from the wall after it scares her during the night.  But hey, we’ll try it out.  I think it will nice with the Bamboo shade I’m using.  I’m going to get it made with a blackout liner since the mini blinds let light blare on through so much.

So there you have it.  My plans for the big girl room.  I’m waiting on the bed and new mattress to arrive and am getting antsy!  My kid has no interest in staying put in her room during bed time right now so I’m hoping this new space will bring her a reason to stay put!  I’ve been talking to her about her new room and trying to include her in some decisions her and there.  She told me that she wants to stay at Grandma’s and then I do her room and then she come back for the surprise.  Yes, she wants a grand reveal!  Definitely the daughter of a designer.

A Christmas Party-Toddler Style

I’m sorry if you were all ready to move on to Valentine’s day…but I still have some Christmas and Winter Blogging to do so please bare with me!

Every year I host a Christmas party.  It started out as a cookie exchange many years back with some of my close friends from High School.  We started tiring of the cookie party…mainly because most of our cookies sucked!  So we decided to ditch the stressful late night baking and just get together for a Christmas gathering.  Over the years, we’ve grown and mainly in the kids department.  I wanted to set them up a special little place of their own and give them activities to keep them occupied.  Add 7 toddlers to the mix and well, that’s a party!  I truly wish I had taken an “after” shot of this tablescape.  It looked as if the Bumpuses hounds paid a visit to our party.

I scoured Pinterest for some fun ideas and I’ll share with you how I incorporated 5 different ideas I found on Pinterest plus one of my own to make this fun party.

REINDEER PB&Js::  I found this idea from the And Everything Sweet Blog.  Quick easy and was a fun main course for the kiddos.

CHEVRON BOWS::  Besides the fact that these chevron paper bows are adorable, they are offered as a free printable on the Ellinee Blog! Instead of using the included gift tag, I printed out a small photo of each child and attached with a small clothespin as their placecard.  This is the second time I used a printable from Ellinee.  I recently used their printable Holiday Petal Card for this years Teacher’s Gift.

SNOWMAN CUPS::  This was the cutest idea originally from the Blue Cricket Design Blog.  She used them to carry treats to her kids school, I added a straw for toddler drinks.

FELT CHRISTMAS TREE DECORATING:: From the Johnny in a Dress blog comes this felt tree idea.  I made two so that the kids weren’t trampling over one another trying to decorate them at the same time.  I also attached mine on foam core boards for portabilty since the party was taking place in my complexes clubhouse.

SUGAR CONE CHRISTMAS TREES:: From the Pigtails and Tutus blog comes this great idea to decorate sugar cones.  Much easier to do with younger kids than a whole gingerbread house.  I divvied out candies for each child to use which doubled as my table decor.

The party favor was a lollipop memory game I made.  To hold the sticks I used Sip-A-Mugs I found at Walmart.  That way when the game pieces wore down, the fun cups could still be used.


And here were a few of our guests enjoying the party.  This was before things really started getting rowdy and green and red sprinkles exploded in the room!  You think college kids are ragers…they got nothing on these little ones!

And there was no mistletoe in the room but that never stops my daughter for going in for some smooches.  This time her victim…Jennifer Skog’s daughter sweet baby Jane.  She didn’t seem to mind much.

Emerald-2013 Pantone’s Color of the Year

The other night I was watching The Holiday…one of the all time best chick flicks ever!  What’s even better, is that the movie contains some amazing design elements.  I had completely forgotten about the amazing emerald green draperies in the office.  I’m pretty sure I gasped when I saw them again.  Yes…design can surely take my breath away.


Other emerald green furnishings that I have been gushing over are velvet sofas.  They are so rich and can literally be almost the only color in the room and completely hold their own.  In fact I think that my favorite look for green velvet is to really have it be the star of the show. The surrounding colors be simple and neutral so that the green really pops.



So when I found out that Pantone named 2013 Color Of the Year Emerald you can say I was one happy designer.   I’m looking forward to 2013 and hoping I have opportunities to infuse it in my designs.


First Day of School and My Abstract Artist

I’ve been wanting to share a piece of art that my daughter did in her 2 year old Pre-school class last year.  I thought since so many kids are headed back to school, it was the perfect time to show you a cute and easy way you can display their school art in your house.  I also have two white magnetic boards from IKEA that hang outside her bedroom door.   I use those to rotate all of her newest art that comes home plus I use it to hold her school calendar and class photo of her with her friends.

So back to the budding artist.  Of course there is abstract art that goes for many many $$$$’s. There is also some, that looks like it came from your preschooler.  So if you have young kids, nieces, nephews or grand-kids…hand them a paint brush and tell them you need some new decor!  It’s a way to make them feel proud and it will be more sentimental than something you could buy.  Here on the shelf where I store all my business samples, I framed one of her little paintings and set it with 2 glass jars with iron succulent tops.   I found those at Pottery Barn in the Spring.  I should have taken a shot of the whole bookcase, but the cubbies next to it were a mess! We’ll have to save that for another time…

And here she is…the big 3 year old ready for her new classroom.  She loves to tell everyone “I’m fwee years old.”  Its the cutest!

Right after this nice cheesey closeup on the bench she tells me “Mom!  No more tictures!”  Yes she says tictures…tee hee.  So we head to school.  I just wanted one last photo inside her classroom so I could compare it to last years class photo (well actually January since she started mid year).  She would not smile or say cheese…only stare off like she wasn’t hearing me and give me the fish lips.  We’re talking “fwee” years old here.  Gotta take what you can get.

My Girly Little Corner

I was at a clients house recently and he made the comment “you designers must have the most amazing homes.”  As much as I’ve see some designers with amazing homes, the majority of us are all trying to just get by like the rest of the world and don’t live the glamorous life our clients envision.  I live in an apartment for example so I can’t do everything I’d like to.  We also only have one bathroom which makes getting ready tough.  When makeup application and beard trimming (on my husband of course!) need to take place simultaneously, it gets tricky.  One morning, my husband just had it with the overlapping and said “you need to set yourself up a vanity somewhere to get ready at!”  Hey, not a bad idea Hubs…so that I did.  Although, I took it to a little different level and really made it a mirror with major jewelry display.

I’ve really never shared much of my place because I don’t feel like it’s actually “done” and you don’t want people judging you on half completed work.  The internet…such a cruel cruel world.  But what the heck!  I’ll do it and we can see progression…how about that?

The shelf, was a Target purchase many years ago.  It’s one of those things that hangs over the toilet.  Classy.  I went back and forth on painting it but in the end, decided to keep it wood toned which I think was the right decision being the walls are white.  I’ve collected many hooks and bowls and dishes and brought them together for my display.  Most came from Antropologie and a few from Homegoods and TJ Maxx.

So my two main discoveries in this whole process were #1, I have WAY too much junk jewelry.  And this is only part…I have more in the closet!  #2, I really dislike the way the back panel of the shelving looks.  It’s flat, yet not smooth and really needs some texture.  My goal is to get some grasscloth and attach it to the back.  Then, I think the items will pop from the back a little better as well.

HOOKS | ANTROPOLOGIE – B&W Wall Hook & Rabbit Forestry Hook

The necklace display up top was a linen wrapped bust I found at Michaels.  The copper baby boots were my Dad’s when he was a wee lad.  I always like to infuse personal items into a space.  I’ll show you some other things I have in my home that are sentimental on another post.

And while I’m photographing my treasures I hear something behind me.  I turn around, and someone else is admiring my work…Gabby my #1 fan.  Just love her.

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