Room Envy-Beachy Chic

Let me first start by telling you I did NOT design this beautiful home.  I only stumbled across it while visiting my oldest friend Kim last summer (I’m serious…we met in pre-school).  When I walked in, I twirled around and drooled on her hardwood floor a little (well it felt like that’s what I did).  I mean it’s not like this place was specifically styled for this shoot…heck she didn’t even know I was going to ask her to photograph it…nor did I!  I was just there to visit a friend. But, I should have known her place would be fab…she is always dressed so well and looks stunning…I hate her just a little =)   She agreed to the photoshoot and then poured me a glass of  La Chateau Vouvray.  Sounds fancy but it’s cheap…from Trader Joes and is delish!  Light and a little sweet and went perfect for my tour of this Beachy-Chic beauty of a place.    Anyways, I received a text from her yesterday and it totally reminded me that I needed to blog about it still.  And what more perfect of a time than now…where summer has finally decided to show it’s pretty little face finally.

So this cottage is located in Corona Del Mar, a sleepy little beach town with a small main street and 2 beaches off Pacific Coast Highway.  It’s on a  second story, set over a garage and is about 6 blocks from the beach.  It was originally built in the 40 or 50′s Kim told me.  Walking up the steps you find a tiny little patio with bricks laid in a zig zag pattern, a wicker table topped with succulent pots and a lounge chair.  Such a cozy little space to enjoy the outdoors and a beautiful entrance for her home.  You’re then greeted with a dutch door which I just LOVED.  Just inside the entry sat an old bench that  apparantly is the landlords and on loan to Kim.  It’s original home was in the Pasadena courthouse.  Above it is actually a fabric wrapped canvas.  She couldn’t find art that she liked but she found this fabric at Crate and Barrel…instant art!   

I really love mixing styles and I’d say she’s done it beautifully.  It’s modern, vintage with some glam and natural elements thrown in here and there.  Nothing is super expensive yet it gives off that quality. And it still remains comfortable and relaxed…a must for a beach home! I’ll quit the chatting and let you finish the tour from here on out.  Thank you Kim for opening up your home to me and my readers.  You could really quit your day job if you wanted to…if you get my drift? 

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